Yoga to prepare your body for labour and ensure a comfortable delivery

A pregnant body always deserves a little extra TLC. Your body expands and prepares for the most beautiful process a human body can endure. Here are must-perform yoga moves recommended by prenatal yoga for a smooth labour. Reclined bound angle pose: Often it’s the thigh muscle that gets fatigued during labour, and that’s when a doctor decides […]

Planning a second baby through c-section?

If you are planning a second baby and had undergone a c-section previously, chances are you might have to go for the same during the second time too. While most women try and opt for a vaginal birth after c-section (VBAC) but its outcome depends on a lot of factors – maternal health, scar thickness of the previous c-section, […]

Can breast and nipple massage lead to vaginal delivery?

Labour and delivery are tricky and often things don’t go as planned. While the most natural outcome of pregnancy is to experience labour pain on or around your expected delivery date (EDD), some women miss it out completely. Doctors suggest for waiting  14 days for labour along with monitoring the development of the foetus closely, in case it is a […]